Message From KAP President

Distinguished guests, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,

It is my immense pleasure to welcome you back to the city of champions for yet another great KAP conference. This is not just another ritual, but we are aiming at bringing exceptional opportunities to the participants in terms of sharing the latest innovations in the field of Internal Medicine and its related specialties alongside excellent networking with big players in the industry.  The summit of the conference will be the Annual General Meeting (AGM) where members will have an opportunity to critically review the progress of the association and elect new officials who will continue pushing the mission of the association to the next level.

 Colleagues, as mentioned above, my term at the helm of KAP together with the entire executive committee will come to a pleasant end during this conference. You may recall that it is exactly in this city that I was elected to take over the association in the year 2019, and it has been a great pleasure serving in the capacity, first as National Chairman, then as President after the constitutional amendments. The association has registered several achievements under my leadership and I most sincerely thank you for the support.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is always a pleasure to serve humanity! In preparation for the election of the National officials at the AGM, I sent out nomination forms for those aspiring to take up the challenge. These should be downloaded, filled out, and endorsed by other members as proposers and sent back to the Secretary-General as per the instructions shared earlier via email. I strongly urge you to take up this opportunity and democratically elect a robust team of officials that will carry our aspiration as KAP to reality. Remember that bad leaders are elected by members who shy away from voting for the best ones! Please plan accordingly and attend the AGM to participate in this crucial exercise. We shall be sharing the names of the aspirants with their respective positions alongside the notice of the AGM.

Fellow physicians, the inauguration of the East, Central and Southern College of Physicians (ECSACOP) into the country of during my tenure is indeed one of achievement that I will remain proud of. With your support, we have successfully admitted three classes that are running very smoothly. Kenya maintains the lead in this program because of our numbers and we currently hold the position of the presidency of the college under Prof James Jowi; a unique opportunity to even push the collegiate to the highest achievements. Recently we (ECSCOP -Kenya) secured a grant from the United Kingdom alongside the Rollge College of Physicians of Edinburg (RCPE) that will spearhead further training of physicians who have so far volunteered their services toward this noble duty. The grants seeks to recruit even more physicians into the pool and I am encouraging all of you to respond to the calling. We shall share more information on how you can be part of the training grant during the conference.

Finally, I urge you to continue supporting the association by paying up your annual subscriptions for both KAP and ECSACOP. The association can only achieve its objectives with the funds that you give us. Equally, I take this opportunity to thank the pharmaceutical industry for their immense support towards our activities.

I hope you will enjoy every moment of the Conference.

Thank you.

Dr. Felix A. Barasa, MBChB, MMED, FCP(ECSA), FRCP(Edin), FACC, FESC.
President, Kenya Association Of Physicians.

Message From Chair Organizing Committee

Dr. Mathew K. Koech
Chair, KAP North Rift Branch.

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

I extend my warm greetings to each member of the Kenya Association of Physicians. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Eldoret, for the much-anticipated annual conference of the Kenya Association of Physicians.

Our vibrant city is not only a hub of medical excellence but also a place rich in culture and warmth. As you gather for this significant event, I encourage you to immerse yourselves in the knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities that the conference offers.

Eldoret, with its hospitable spirit, invites you to enjoy not only the intellectual discourse but also the charm of our community. Explore the local culture, savor the culinary delights, and experience the genuine hospitality that Eldoret has to offer.

May this conference be a source of inspiration and collaboration, contributing to the advancement of healthcare in our region. I look forward to witnessing the valuable interactions and shared insights that will undoubtedly shape the future of our medical community.

Wishing you a memorable and enriching experience in Eldoret.

Best regards

Message From Chair Scientific Committee

Dear Delegates,

On behalf of Kenya Association of Physicians (KAP) North Rift branch, I wish to welcome you to the 27th KAP Scientific Conference to be held in Eldoret from 6th to 9th march 2024.

Prospective delegates to this conference include Clinicians and all health care providers including researchers, statisticians, students, public health experts, health policy advocacy champions and health administrators. The plenary presentations and abstracts have been selected based on innovativeness and completeness of the continuum of medical care starting from prevention to early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

We have also included topics that are integral to the practice of medicine. These include health insurance both public and private, medico legal considerations and communication. These are often overlooked aspects of routine medical practice yet very fundamental to the success or failure of care.

Prospective delegates as described are encouraged to submit abstracts for either completed research or work in progress because the conference aims at promoting research and innovation. We recognize that professionals are very busy people and we have kept the abstracts and presentations concise using APA writing style. There will be room for late breaking abstracts and presentations.

Most of the presentations will be considered for publication in the KAP journal.

I wish to thank all members of the scientific committee who participated in the process as well as presenters, sponsors and hotels used for this conference. We hope the knowledge gained during this conference will be applicable to your work.

The conference has made provisions for delegates to unwind and network in an effort to promote work-life balance. We encourage you to participate in leisurely activities like joining world famous athletes for the morning jog. Please carry your sports gear.

We look forward to an impactful conference.

Welcome to Eldoret City.

Dr Naftali Busakhala
Chair, Scientific Committee