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Meet the Physician Know your Health - Booklet

There is often a distance between Medical specialists and the public. The two only meet when illness crops in. Meet the Specialist - Know your HealthMembers of the KENYA ASSOCIATION of PHYSICIANS (KAP) would like to bridge this gap.

Members of KENYA ASSOCIATION of PHYSICIANS have compiled simplified information on various ailments encountered locally by different sub-specialists such as Cardiologists, Chest

specialists, Rheumatologists, Kidney specialists, Gastro-enterologists, Rheumatologists, Neurologists, Physiotherapists, Speech therapists, Cancer specialists, Diabetes experts and Nutritionists.

The information is meant to assist the public gain some insight into common presenting symptoms of various diseases. Some of the ailments covered include:
Stroke, HIV/AIDS, Headaches, Kidney diseases, Common cancers , Diabetes mellitus, Common heart /blood vessels diseases , Nutrition and Health, Common chest infections, Diseases of joints and bones, Mental health/Mental illness, Rehabilitation/ Speech Therapy

The old adage; “Prevention is better than Cure” is what we want to preach.

This booklet herein contains some basic information the public needs to know in order to assist them prevent some diseases or identify symptoms & signs of various diseases early and seek medical attention in time.


Contributors to the Booklet: Drs. Chakaya. J (Chest Specialist), Etau P. (Rheumatologist), Jowi J (Neurologist) Karioki J.(Cardiologist), Kitazi N (Psychiatrist), Mutisya C (Psychiatrist), Nyale G. (Chest Specialist), Otieno F (Infectious Diseases), Shiraku J(Rehabilitation Specialist) and Twahir A. (Kidney Specialist)

Kenya Association of Physicians Council Members: J.O.Jowi, J. Kwasa, J. Karioki, C. Kamotho, F. Otieno Medical Management Services: Event Organizing Consultants.

This booklet is NOT FOR SALE.




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