KAP History

Kenya Association of Physicians (KAP) was inaugurated on 23rd October 1992. Prior to 1992, for over three decades the professional and social interests of physicians in Kenya was taken care of by The Association of Physicians in East and Central Africa (APECA). Interested physicians were affiliated to APECA and this functioned well as long as The East African Community functioned. Membership of APECA was broad; it included pediatricians, dermatologists, clinical pathologists and psychiatrists amongst other medical specialties.In the period between 1982 and 1992 APECA was dormant.

The then young physicians who included Dr. J.A Aluoch, Dr. J. Okanga, Prof. Lore Prof. A. Abdullah, Dr. J. N. Walumbe and the late Dr. Eric Mngola; the late Professors Ogada and Ojiambo amongst others founded The Kenya Association of Physicians. Dr. J.A.Aluoch was Kenya Association of Physicians’ first Chairman.

In his inaugural address as the Keynote speaker, Dr. Koinange summarized thus “the young Association should ensure that physicians are adequately trained and qualified”. Dr. Koinange also stressed that physicians should take interest in the economy of Kenya.

Dr. J.A. Aluoch in his inaugural address as the founder Chairman stressed the same. He said; and I quote “post-graduate medical training and for that matter medical training in general cannot be left to the faculty of medicine alone”. All physicians must be involved. He noted that there was dire need to form a College of Physicians as had been the case in South Africa, West Africa and of course in the UK and the Americas.

Kenya Association of Physicians’ membership has grown to two hundred and eleven (211) as per the Medical Practitioners and Dentists’ Board.

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