The Kenya Association of Physicians has taken the initiative to ensure that the physician advances his/her medical education so as to improve on patient care by ensuring the physician is up to date on every new trend in the medical field. Through our strategies, initiatives, resources, and policy recommendations, we strive to enhance patient care, ensure quality, and continue KAP’s fundamental role in medical education.

To help physicians maintain, develop and increase the knowledge, skills and professional performance and relationships they use to provide services for patients, the public and the profession, KAP offers a wide range of continuing medical education activities that foster physician lifelong learning

This Section is available to registered members only and will include the following subsections:


This subsection will act as an archive listing all the various past CPEs & CPDs for our members to preview and download. there will also be an interactive comments subsection whereby members will have the opportunity to discuss or add to the content of the various files available for download.

These documents will be in the form of PowerPoint presentations, Audio files, Videos, Word Documents etc.

Features Articles

This segment will include articles that are submitted by our members on various topics. Other members will also have the opportunity to make comments and add onto the content found on those articles.


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