Closing Remarks by Prof Paul Ayuo

I feel greatly honoured to be given the opportunity to render closing comments in this wonderful scientific conference. This is the 17th KAP conference.

At a personal level I am surprised at the turn out because I believe we are more than the number who attended. We need to mobilize each other for such events.

In any case, it has been an exciting opportunity to meet colleagues, teachers, class mates with whom we have not seen for years. I have also learnt a list in other areas of medicine that are not my daily preoccupation.

It has been a long, tiring eventful (academically) 3 days. As we travel to our various destinations within and Nairobi, within Kenya and out of Kenya, May God grant us journey mercies. Allow me to remind ourselves, according to my understanding; of what has transpired during the last 3 days.

OPENING CEREMONY: PROF SOME, CEO Commission for University Education (CUE)

Prof. Some highlighted the changing landscape in higher education through:

  • Sessional papers No 14 or 2012
  • Universities act No 42 or 2012
  • TVET act 2013
  • Science and Tech act 2013 and others

He also highlighted functions of CUE; ten in number, that regulate act development university education.

Of note chair of CUE must be a PhD holder.

The Scientific Technology and Innovation Act of 2013. This Act was created by the National Commission of Science and Technology and other Institutions. Of particular interest; is the National Research Fund that comprises 2% of GDP.

There is therefore no excuse for not WRITING PROPOSALS Flagship of CUE one is very relevant in capacity development for QUALITY POST GRADUATE TRRAINING/PROGRAMMES.


Schools and Students’ population is increasing and yet qualified teaching staff numbers is stagnant.

There is an urgent need for training of trainers and relevant capacity building Way forward Formation of Medical Schools Council


  1. Doctor training, Decentralization Harmonization of curricula Need for Health Systems Management training
  2. Mentorship Levels – Medical students Graduate students will also enhance Specialist training in subspecialists such as Neurology, Rheumatology and Oncology etc. 
  3. ICT – uses in medical training should be encouraged CPD registration and point accumulation is now being done electronically. This is an improvement of earlier paper based CPD points accumulation
  4. State of the Art Clinical Practice Evidence based Hypertension crisis Hyper and kidney Maggot therapy for wounds Cancer – particularly lymphoma RL arthritis SLE Thrombolysis and anticoagulant Neuropathies Psychological and surgical management of obesity
  5. Case presentation – challenges Adolescent cancer of esophagus Adult stills disease (Reverse roles adult and cancer – children – stills disease SLE and SLE neuropsychiatric complaints MCTD
  6. Ethics – patients consent for research because of various reasons some are financial
  7. Clinical practice guidelines a. Professional Associations to lead the way

Prof Paul Ayuo
Dean School of Medicine MOI University Eldoret

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