I welcome you all to the 16th Annual Scientific Conference. The Theme is Non-Communicable Diseases: The Emerging Crisis. Currently there is global concern of non communicable diseases which has had a significant rise in the so called emerging economies over the past decade or so. There has been emphasis on infectious diseases in the past, infectious disease is no doubt rampant; however, we should not forget non communicable diseases. As a country, we already have in place ‘Non Communicable Diseases Alliance’ and in the course of this conference we shall hear a lot from the top guns who run this alliance. Non Communicable diseases may well be “easier” to control, for they share common risk factors. It is our responsibility as physicians to take up the task of dealing with these risk factors by way of informing the public and managing the conditions well. We should not shy away from this responsibility.

This conference will also highlight the role we as physicians ought to play in medical education in this country. There are many Medical Schools cropping up in the country, we as physicians should play a significant role in making sure standards of medical education are harmonized and regulated.

We have the capacity, by way of our numbers and distribution all over Kenya; to contribute to epidemiological research. We can very efficiently collect and collate data as regards non-communicabledisease risk factors and contribute to disease burden mapping in Kenya. What is required is commitment and dedication.

On behalf of the KAP Council, I wish to thank all those who participated in organizing this conference. Special mention goes to the Conference organizing committee chairman Prof. C.F. Otieno, the organizing and scientific committee members; Dr. K. Acharya, Dr. Ngigi, Dr. J. Chakaya, Dr.P. Etau, Dr. G. Oyoo, Dr. F. Otieno, Dr. J. Kwasa and Dr. J. Karioki and Medics Management team ably headed by Mrs. Rosemary Kinyua, assisted by Catherine Njagi and Catherine Nyawira.

Many pharmaceutical firms played an invaluable role in making this conference a success. The complete list of these good friends is found elsewhere in the program. I strongly urge all members to make a special effort to visit the exhibition stands.

Finally colleagues, ladies and gentlemen; this conference has a very tight schedule. I strongly urge the speakers to moderate their timing well to enable smooth running of the program. I urge participants to fully engage in healthy discussions during the conference deliberations. Above all take time to relax from the daily routine of hospital visits. The success of a conference like this may well give us breathing space from hospital run-ins. If we mange non communicable disease risk factors appropriately, there will be a definite reduction in non communicable disease burden. We shall have more quality time; knowing our families well and playing golf may then be welcome options.

Prof. J.O.Jowi FRCP (Edin.) National Chairman KAP

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